Sunday, 21 July 2013


I have decided to put up cool quotes that come up from books I read.  I generally note them down whilst I'm in the middle of a book, thinking, I'm going to be especially articulate and awesomely witty by dropping this into a conversation.  Like you do, I never remember to drop them in the right places.  But hey, I think about it.  Of course, sometimes I just can't be bothered to pick up a pen and paper to get it together and jot one down, so there will be some sad (RIP) quips I've let drift away into the stratosphere.

I've tried to link these to the author's facebook or blog page.

If I really get it together, I'll come back and put a bit of a brief precis and comment beside the book.  

"When the only tongue you're getting is from your's time to get out more."
Dannika Dark - #1 Sterling (Mageri Series)

"I shrieked incoherent made up swear words as the pain stopped messing around and bent me over and made me it's bitch."
Nicole Peeler - #2 Jane True Series

I added this cover, just for the aesthetics, love the manga look and the colours a great.

"Fashion is for the ugly and insecure.  I am only interested in style, and of course, sex."
Tracey Sinclair - #2 Wolf Night (Dark Dates Series)

"...he looked great, in fact, the love child of Jesus and Jim Morrison."
Tracey Sinclair - #2 Wolf Night (Dark Dates Series) 

"...hard to be perfect, but it's a burden I've learned to cope with."
Laurell K Hamilton - Anita Blake Series

I really can't remember where this ones comes from, I'll have to try and do a bit of research on it.  For an insult, how does this one take you (pun intended):
"...why don't you go look it up on"


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