Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Quirkexcellence: The Rude & The Beautiful

There are so many moments when I have had someone be rude and obnoxious to me.

For example, years ago when I was too young to give anyone a really good verbal tongulashing, I was doing a commute on the train.  It was always a dead rush to score a seat at peak hour fighting the way from the platform to the train doors at Wynyard in the Sydney CBD.

I rushed on, scored one of those elusive seats.  I had just sat down, quite comfortable, when this lady grabbed my arm, ripped me out of the seat, and planted her self in my spot.  Not an ounce of shame on her face.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I noted smug satisfaction.  By the time I had recovered my senses and scooped my chin off the floor, that allusive moment when abuse was the order of the day, had passed me by.  I noted I was not the only one with my chin on the floor, my lips forming a surprised "Oh!"

So here is a suitable ode, instituted by those good with an abusive tongue,  that would be the French.  They have applied an additional charge to those on their premises who just happen to be obnoxious.
Make my day!!!

"introduced a tiered payment system that leaves impolite customers paying more for their coffee than those who treat staff with respect" (Source: 'CafĂ© charges customers more if they're rude'  27th December 2013 in Food & Beverage'

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