Thursday, 11 December 2014

Collective Nounsathonic

I have a passion for saving collective nouns.  They're so curious and often pretty fabulous.

Please feel free to help me out.

I need more more more!!


Threat of courtiers (from the court of Henry VIII)
Murder of crows
Parliament of owls
Pod of dolphins
Flock of birds
Herd of cattle
Surfeit of skunks
A faire of fairies
A lick of lesbians (a friend came up with this one - fit for Oscar Wilde in wit value!) 
a congress of gorillas 
gaggle of geese 
swarm of bees
an army of caterpillars
pack of dogs
convocation of eagles
a mob of emus
a pride of lions
a bouquet of flowers
flock of sheep
a clowder of cats
a kindle of kittens


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