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Bookathonic: Review Darkness Unchaned Book 2 of Sky Brooks Series by McKenzie Hunter

Darkness Unchained (Sky Brooks Series Book 2)Darkness Unchained by McKenzie Hunter
My rating: 4.7 of 5 stars
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Book Blurb
A 4.7* I can't make up my mind if this book is better than the first. This book injected with quite a lot of new material giving insight while maintaining freshness in the novel. "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!"

I also have to add that I love the way this author writes, both the sentence structure and excellent vocabulary. The novel also manages to jump upon the reader with some real surprises, leaving me thinking 'wow, I didn't see that one coming'.

This book brings a whole new level of intrigue to this series, with the reader being left curious and curiouser. It comes up with some real surprises, and leaves the reader somewhat shocked about actions, reactions and responsibility.

A lot more material is focused on Chris and I was hesitant about her at first, but it definitely adds more depth to her character and as a result of that, the novel as a whole.

Of course, it is debatable whether or not the reader finds her merely tolerable, her actions understandable, or if we all hate her even more. In many ways, she is not a likable person, whether you're able to empathise with her or not.

The reader also finds out more about the enigmatic Quell. He's different to all the other characters and this adds something extra to the novel. I definitely want to see where things go with Quell, and where his relationships with the people surrounding him go.

Yep, the vampires are still particularly evil, and the shifters still seem to, overall, maintain a dodgy spot in Skylar's life.

This novel completely keeps the reader's interest which is paramount to maintaining a successful series, and I believe this is done with verve and great finesse.

I'm completely loving these, and I understand book three is out in August. Yehh!
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