Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bookathonic: City of Fae by Pippa Da Costa

Pippa Da Costa - City of Fae  

Expected Publication 7 May 2015


From the moment Alina touches London's hottest fae superstar, breaking one of the laws founded to protect all of her kind, her fate – and the fae – close in.

Below ground, the fae High Queen plots to claim the city as her own and places her pawns, ready for the battle to come. A battle she cannot lose, but for one small problem – Alina. There are four ancient keepers powerful enough to keep the queen in her prison. Three are dead. One remains … And to fight back, Alina risks sacrificing everything she has come to love.

This New Adult urban fantasy is packed with action and suspense and will have you yearning for more forbidden fae romance.


Pippa Da Costa has certainly lived up to our expectations with this new novel - let’s hope it morphs into a great new ongoing series.

Our world now includes a fae population which creates a whole new level to social and political agendas. The two principal characters have strong, well defined personalities which make for good dialogue and a potentially volatile romance.  Melding the two together in an ambivalent relationship gives the story an impression of emerging tiers. Warring personalities combined with warring agendas. The novel provides a fairly small group of supporting characters, put together as a whole, this gives the book the creation of a strong micro-niche of a fae and human London.

The plot brings in to play conflicts that surround their lives, both as individuals but also pressures that include their personal and workplace agendas. These include a reporter, a detective, a queen and a rock god.
To give the novel and incredibly good oomph is the sensational couple of twists that jump out a greet you.  Boo!  Sounds good? What more could we possibly want from an engrossing book?

Just for fun:

I have to say the spider factor is great. Just to put a smile on your face I'll mention a friend of mine was drinking from a tap, a huntsman actually crawled into his mouth and he had to get his hand in there to scoop it out. He had some fun with that - you know spiders have those little additional spurs/hairs on their legs for gripping? Yeh, it hung on to his cheek. He said he got some right funny looks from jumping around with his fist in his mouth. Irony - it was at a railway station... True story

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