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The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness (Book 1) by Tabitha Barret.

 Tabitha Barret - The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness


The Angel of Darkness, Lucifer, is dangerously close to losing his soul to the evil surrounding him in Hell. Plotting to destroy the world, he makes one last attempt to save humanity. He must find her, the one who has been promised to him. She alone can cure him of his dark thoughts and remind him why he volunteered to rule the black abyss, but is it too late? Time is against him and even her love might not be enough to save him.

Michelle Black is a young woman desperate to escape her unusual life. She forever feels disconnected from the world because she can see the sins of men and knows their darkest secrets. She is haunted by visions of Hell, and tormented by an unknown voice in her head. Now the voice taunts her, threatens her, and begs her to join him, but she denies him, afraid that she is truly insane. One fatal decision changes her world forever.

Michelle awakens to find that she is now the servant to the devil. Lucifer whispers to her of love, but can she trust the king of lies? She cares for him, but what does the devil know about love? She is stalked by Hades, Lucifer’s second-in-command, as he tries to befriend her so that he may help end her suffering and ease her into a peaceful death. Is he trying to help free her from Lucifer’s madness or does he have his own selfish reasons for wanting her gone?


I'd make this novel a 3.5. This novel has great creativity and world building, and this new author certainly holds some good landmarks for increasing finesse in future works. This book includes sex, so would really be for a NA to mature audience.

The work is contemporary, and for the younger characters I would have liked the use of dialogue contractions, whereas with the traditional characters you expect a level of formality.

The main character, Michelle, is mostly likable. She has some annoying moments, but considering her levels of confusion and the quantity of misinformation constantly surrounding her, the reader can understand where her attitude stems from. The novel commences in a high school setting and progresses with increasing amounts of curiosity to where this book is taking us.
From high school, the world spins into an increasing spiral of mystery and it isn’t until over halfway that some of the answers are provided. Michelle finds magical powers within her, and the answers stem from the world building, but also involve the history of that world, including the history of the characters. The answers and the world building are a creative and an innovative take on otherwise traditional subject matter. I’m trying not to give anything away here, so all these comments may seem very esoteric, but when you read the novel you can tell why.  photo Ligeia tower lightening_zpsgqsjmt8j.gif.
The only mention on the negative side of things, is that the details become too extensive and start taking the spotlight away from the grist of the story.

The editing gets messier the further into the book. It starts off well, but loses ground by about a third of the way in. Unfortunately, this would seem to be a common enough problem for independent authors, and unfortunately, a spell check can only take you so far. So yes everyone, I would like to go through them all myself and track corrections! Ah but for an eye to detail.

It will be interesting to see where the next novel takes us, so here’s to waiting!
 photo g_cheeky_zpsdpdm1tws.gif
Creativity 4
Writing 3
Innovation 4
Editing 2.5

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