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Bookathonic: Midnight Falls Book 3 Skylar Brooks series from author McKenzie Hunter

Midnight Falls (Sky Brooks, #3)Midnight Falls by McKenzie Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really love this series from McKenzie Hunter . Our woman of the moment, despite all her abilities, is so very human, and it is ultimately her humanity that drives her to make some really unpopular decisions with alarming regularity.

The series launches with Skylar’s evolution from her background as a werewolf hidden in a contemporary world by her adoptive mother, through to the discovery of her magical abilities which seem to of dubious origins. It is through this facet of Skylar’s life that thrusts her into a position she doesn’t want to be in. Life doesn’t offer her any positive choices and she becomes a victim to be constantly manipulated by others.
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Let’s face it, Skylar seems really good at putting her foot in it. Putting her foot in her proverbial mouth as she once again she trips over her tongue. It is these choices which push Skylar in directions beyond her control, and her youth rears its ugly head. Others claim she makes bad and dangerous choices which are considered to poorly reflect on the wellbeing of the Midwest Pack . Her choices are so often taken from her by others as she is manipulated once again.

The enigmatic and mysterious Quell takes a step back when things about Skylar don’t go according to the image he has of her character and from there, things keep getting more complicated. And need I mention Ethan, as his motives and interest remain a confusing issue for her. His own background and abilities become more obvious in this third novel, and draws the readers interest in the series as a whole to wonder where his involvement takes us next. His past lover Chris, continues to keep her life in their word as secretive as ever, and her vast amount of how-to and amazing insights into the magical world still prove to be boundless.

The witches have become a particular bane in Skylar’s life, as the quest for power amongst the magical community turns into a vicious race for the ultimate weapon. This is where the book develops and introduces more characters keeping the readers thirst for knowledge of Skylar’s world, as the book injects new material.

I’m trying to keep all hints of spoilers from this review, whilst succinctly hinting at the secrets within Skylar’s world. Enter if you dare and share her confusion…

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