Thursday, 24 September 2015

Reviewathonic: Eternal Bloodthirst 1. Blood Moon series from S J Blackrose

Eternal Bloodthirst (Blood Moon #1)Eternal Bloodthirst by S.J. Blackrose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This is one of those finds where you pat yourself on the back and think FREE too! Excellent! This book also hits my 'hot & steamy' shelf , so if you don't feel like getting high on sex today, you might want to put it down for later. There’s plenty of action that isn’t horizontal, or upright sharing legs.

This novel is mainly set through two POVs. I'm not generally a fan of this, I found it's often done in a jerky manner, and as a whole, I simply don't like them. This does not mean I don’t like books written in the first person, but I hate the vacillating thing. Now I’ll get to the point, I feel this novel hits the mark and that this is done with finesse and never leaving me bereft thinking, ‘Hey, I was reading that, where are you going’?

This is a contemporary novel with the main points of view stemming from Vadym and Elyzeveta, and don’t worry, the novel doesn’t go for the corny: oooh, I’m from Transylvania. There’s a good love story here with plenty of romance and star crossed lovers.

What I particularly appreciated is that the novel continues to elaborate on other characters included in the novel and this injects a level of freshness that keeps up a consistent pace.
The juicy part, aside from juicy sex, comes not only from the lovers, but also from a superbly tied up ending. And then BAM we’re suddenly hit with a good twist from left field. And, it’s not the one you were expecting.

This series has certainly grabbed me and yes, I’m waiting on the next novel.

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